Chaos Theory

I saw that the theme for today, at least on wordpress, is chaos theory. That certainly describes my life right now. The difference is that a physicist would not have to unpack the chaos. She would observe it.

Last night, I decided that I would start a pair of mittens for Laura with the Mittens That Rock I stood in line for at Rhinebeck. Found the yarn, found the needles, can’t find my drawing of Laura’s hand, can’t find my Handy Book (Anne Budd)., can’t find ball winder. There are boxes of clothes in the kitchen. And have you noticed that the plastic thingies, ranging from Tupperware to chinese food containers, multiply if left alone in boxes? Why doesn’t yarn do that?

I would take a picture of the choas, but I can’t find the camera.


6 responses to “Chaos Theory

  1. chaos, the harbinger of many surprises.
    here’s hoping it brings you all you are searching for…

  2. oh, so good to see your words printed. Your personality comes tight through as I’d hoped it would. Missing you already

  3. I can sympathize, My Dear. We’re all unpacked but I seem to have a yarn problem. I think mine IS multiplying on its own and the hubby is getting a little nervous. i could send over a ball or two from my stash and see if it infects your stash with the virus if you like…

  4. Wow, I scribbled that out way too quickly, sorry. Meant to say that your personality comes “right” through. Thick fingers today… And I have the same problem as craftyinfidel, maybe it’s like chicken pox and if you send your little skeins to one of our houses to play with our stash, they’ll catch it. 🙂

  5. theopinionatedsheep

    So happy to have this blog as a way of seeing what is going on in your life, knitting and otherwise. Wonder how the move went and if you can find all your yarn, or even have time to knit. thinking of you, and wait til you see the swan tam!!

  6. I have found you, Dawn. And await further descriptions of chaos resolved.

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