Current obsessions

I have often wished that I was more stable. BB has someone that works for him who crochets. She crochets baby blankets and never considers being seduced away from her current project by the allure of something new. I would bet that she never has food obsessions either. When we first moved to Ithaca, I discovered the wonders of Pad See Ew. I would have eaten it every day. Every day. Because I don’t live alone, I had to settle for weekly fixes. I lasted a couple of months, and then I moved on.

I thinks why my friends and family were so shocked by my marriage. And that we are still together. It’s truly out of character for me.

So, I got this yarn when I was last at Knitting Etc. When I was unpacking the knitting books, I found Ellen Christensen’s V-Necked Rib Warmer pattern. I think it’s a little less clunky than the original Zimmerman rib warmer. The yarn is Miss Priss in the Julia Child colorway. My camera does not do justice to the warmth of the browns in this yarn. I hadn’t meant to start this- I knew that I had lots of knitting time ahead, and projects to finish. Hah! The moment I saw those little pillows of happiness, I was doomed. I told myself I would just knit a gauge swatch.



What have I abandoned? Well, I tried to abandon BB’s mittens and hat. He whined so continuously that I finished his mittens. I would photo them, but he hasn’t taken them off. The yarn is Morehouse 3-ply- I was knitting mittens for my grandmother and BB would pet them, murmuring “soft,soft..”. I am still pretending to work on the hat.january-21-006.jpg

And, Laura’s mittens. I will go back to these next. They are from Terri Shea’s fabulous book , Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition. I took these to doctor’s appointment, so that I would have something to do other than sitting there feeling stupid in my paper gown, waiting. The whole office staff trooped into see them (and me, sitting there in my paper gown).

january-21-004.jpg january-21-004.jpg

This is Annemor# 13.The yarn is Sheldridge Farms Ultra-Soft in pink and grey. I have a little stash of this yarn, perfect for scrumptious mitten.

What’s next? Who knows? I need to get back to my fair isle. But I start working full-time on the 28th, and woe is me, it’s another driving commute. (I’ll be Quality Systems Manager for a local hospital in a town with a Sheep and Wool Festival).


6 responses to “Current obsessions

  1. Oh hooray you’re back to blogging! I happened to find your site over the weekend and was so happy to find news of how you were doing. We miss you on Thursday nights (well, other days too, but Thursdays in particular).

  2. Congrats on your new job, Girlfriend! this means you’ll have disposable income to come down and see me with right? Right? Love those mitts and can’t wait to see the rib warmer. I could use one of those myself. I find myself between projects- well, I’ve got four or so to finish, but they don’t count. Know what I mean?

  3. Those Annemor mittens are very pretty! Missing you…

  4. welcome back to the world of blogging… It has been a while!!

  5. Nice to have you back, Dawn!

  6. Pad See Ew? where’s that? i have food passions too. Love that you’ll be (are now already) working in Rhinebeck, so you can wear and pad a path for us next fall–when, you recall, I’ll be staying with you!!! You funny woman, you nice woman. Take good care and keep on bloggin’

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