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Silent Poetry for St. Brigid

We have a shelf of poetry books in the Page library. They are not my husband’s.

Wendell Berry has been a companion of my heart for a long, long time. Here’s one of my favorites. I believe I have built for myself an internal farm, composed of love and knitting.


However just and anxious I have been,

I will stop and step back

from the crowd of those who may agree

with what I say, and be apart.

There is no earthly promise of life or peace

but where the roots branch and weave

their patient silent passages in the dark;

uprooted, I have been furious without an aim.

I am not bound for any public place,

but for ground of my own

where I have planted vines and orchard trees,

and in the heat of the day climbed up

into the healing shadow of the woods.

Better than any argument is to rise at dawn

And pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.


Wendell Berry


Current obsessions

I have often wished that I was more stable. BB has someone that works for him who crochets. She crochets baby blankets and never considers being seduced away from her current project by the allure of something new. I would bet that she never has food obsessions either. When we first moved to Ithaca, I discovered the wonders of Pad See Ew. I would have eaten it every day. Every day. Because I don’t live alone, I had to settle for weekly fixes. I lasted a couple of months, and then I moved on.

I thinks why my friends and family were so shocked by my marriage. And that we are still together. It’s truly out of character for me.

So, I got this yarn when I was last at Knitting Etc. When I was unpacking the knitting books, I found Ellen Christensen’s V-Necked Rib Warmer pattern. I think it’s a little less clunky than the original Zimmerman rib warmer. The yarn is Miss Priss in the Julia Child colorway. My camera does not do justice to the warmth of the browns in this yarn. I hadn’t meant to start this- I knew that I had lots of knitting time ahead, and projects to finish. Hah! The moment I saw those little pillows of happiness, I was doomed. I told myself I would just knit a gauge swatch.



What have I abandoned? Well, I tried to abandon BB’s mittens and hat. He whined so continuously that I finished his mittens. I would photo them, but he hasn’t taken them off. The yarn is Morehouse 3-ply- I was knitting mittens for my grandmother and BB would pet them, murmuring “soft,soft..”. I am still pretending to work on the hat.january-21-006.jpg

And, Laura’s mittens. I will go back to these next. They are from Terri Shea’s fabulous book , Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition. I took these to doctor’s appointment, so that I would have something to do other than sitting there feeling stupid in my paper gown, waiting. The whole office staff trooped into see them (and me, sitting there in my paper gown).

january-21-004.jpg january-21-004.jpg

This is Annemor# 13.The yarn is Sheldridge Farms Ultra-Soft in pink and grey. I have a little stash of this yarn, perfect for scrumptious mitten.

What’s next? Who knows? I need to get back to my fair isle. But I start working full-time on the 28th, and woe is me, it’s another driving commute. (I’ll be Quality Systems Manager for a local hospital in a town with a Sheep and Wool Festival).

Old Friends

It’s not easy to move the Pages. Our books are heavy. Our movers decided that the knitting book boxes were the heaviest. We have so many boxes of books, movers usually ask if we are college professors. No, Bucky tells them, we just need lots of books to fill up all the bookcases.

In the process of unpacking endless boxes of books, I have come across some old friends. How splendid it has been to get reacquainted with the Barbara Walker treasuries, Alice Starmore’s Fair Isle Knitting and the glories of Kaffe in the early days. Our movers decided that the knitting book boxes were the heaviest. Movers usually ask if we are college professors. No, Bucky tells them, we just need lots of books to fill up all the bookcases.

So, I just got a new book. I don’t feel bad about this, because I set aside a pile of books I can live without. There are spaces that need to be filled. Thanks to the Harlot, I discovered Terri Shea. Selbuvotter, Biography of a Knitting Tradition. It’s all stranded mittens in traditional patterns from Norway. I pulled some Shelridge Farms Soft Wool out of the stash- it’s fingering weight in salmon and a dark, smoky grey. Gives me shivers. The minute I can find the camera and the cord thingie, I’ll post a picture.

Chaos Theory

I saw that the theme for today, at least on wordpress, is chaos theory. That certainly describes my life right now. The difference is that a physicist would not have to unpack the chaos. She would observe it.

Last night, I decided that I would start a pair of mittens for Laura with the Mittens That Rock I stood in line for at Rhinebeck. Found the yarn, found the needles, can’t find my drawing of Laura’s hand, can’t find my Handy Book (Anne Budd)., can’t find ball winder. There are boxes of clothes in the kitchen. And have you noticed that the plastic thingies, ranging from Tupperware to chinese food containers, multiply if left alone in boxes? Why doesn’t yarn do that?

I would take a picture of the choas, but I can’t find the camera.

Good morning.

This is my first morning in the Hudson Valley. And is it beautiful- sunny, crisp and enough leaves gone from the trees that I can see Mount Beacon.

WIP: Jamieson’s Winter Sunset Cardigan

Drinking: Plantation Mint